We have started active work in the circular economy

In May 2020, we started to be active in the environment of circular economy and in our activities we bet on a partnership with the Dutch company Madaster.

The circular economy is a concept and is an integral part of sustainable development. The main idea of ​​the circular economy is to deal with ways to increase the quality of the environment and thus human life by increasing production efficiency. The crucial point then is that the materials used are separated from each other into two independently circulating circuits following different logics. The first circulating circuit works with easily degradable substances of organic origin and therefore it is not a problem for them to return them to the biosphere. The second circulating circuit operates with synthetic substances, which should be introduced into the products in such a way that they can be subsequently extracted and reused, so that it has never been necessary to return them to the biosphere.

Madaster is a Dutch company with a connection to the circular economy, which operates in many Western European countries, which are at the level of digitalization and implementation of BIM further than the Czech Republic. The DTS team responds to the efforts of individual EU countries to promote sustainability and the circular economy, which is a current trend that is on the rise and will arrive in the Czech Republic with a delay, as well as the introduction of BIM. Madaster is a register of materials and products. Buildings, including the materials and products used, are registered in this online platform. Documentation, registration and archiving of materials in buildings and structures facilitates reuse, supports intelligent design and eliminates waste. This makes every building a bank of materials.

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