Digital Transformation in Business World

Digitalization creates radical changes in the activities and ways of doing business of institutions. It changes almost everything from companies' production methods to customer expectations, from distribution channels to business processes. Thanks to digitalization, companies are making great gains in many areas, from the production and processing of information to decision-making processes and access to new markets. From the point of view of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the situation was no different. Non-governmental organizations working through digitalization created awareness at national and international level. With the corona virus epidemic affecting the whole world, NGOs quickly transitioning to online applications; He had the chance to continue his training, seminar, meeting and similar activities. In this process, those who could not go to the field were able to share their awareness studies with the public via digital communication. The biggest helper of the sustainability and development of NGOs has been their ability to achieve digital transformation. EGİADThe effects of digitalization were felt in most of the projects of this period. Over 120 activities in this process EGİAD It set an example for other institutions with its digitalization.

Set out to prepare its more than 700 members for this process EGİAD Aegean Young Business People Association came together with SabancıDx, which has 45 years of information technology experience and has accomplished many firsts and successful projects. Digital B2B procurement platforms, advanced data analytics and robotic process automation, digitalization in human resources, transformation in basic human resources systems were discussed in the event, which was addressed with rapidly developing technology and the opportunities it brings.

A New Era Has Started With Digitalization

Making the opening speech of the meeting EGİAD Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer made a definition of digital transformation and mentioned its benefits in the business process. Yelkenbiçer said, “It is not possible to reduce digital transformation to a few technologies, but the groundbreaking effect of cloud computing, digital media, big data, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, the internet of things and 3D printers has started a new era. With digital technologies, firstly, analogue records were processed in digital environment under the title of automation, and then processes were transferred to digital environment under the title of e-service. At this point, corporate assets and stakeholder relations are redefined in digital environment under all digital transformation. To give an example from ourselves EGİAD D2 Project has been completed and implemented within this framework. With D2 designed as iOS and Android via Mobile Application EGİAD its members were automatically connected with each other over the digital network In this context, every activity carried out by the institution can be followed digitally, and transactions such as recording and secretariat have been transferred to digital. In this direction, we aimed to realize the goals such as increasing the participation of our current members in the events, gaining new members, and realizing the trade between members.

EGİAD In terms of digital transformation, the use of technology at an increasing rate by all our stakeholders, including our members, employees and solution partners, the digitalization of association assets, differentiation in leadership and management, and supporting creativity. Expressing that the digital transformation requires adaptation to new conditions and expectations and agility, even the most successful organizations have difficulty in completing their transformation completely, Yelkenbiçer said, “The digital transformation process is not easy because there is no single and ready-made package solution. There is no clear answer about what the solution is. Technology is changing rapidly, but changing habits is difficult. Although the pandemic process, which we wish never had, certainly provided some benefits in changing habits, but beyond that, digital transformation requires transforming and managing many different elements such as people, processes and technology together. Digital transformation also requires thinking about the past, present and future at the same time ”.

Robotization Has Begun, We Can't Stay Behind The Age

SabancıDx, with its 45 years of experience in information technologies, conveyed its activities in advanced data analytics and digital transformation with the power it took over from BimSA, which has accomplished many firsts and successful projects. In line with the future goals of medium and large-scale companies, it has provided information flow that meets all information needs from business consultancy to corporate-specific applications, from operation to technical services, from hardware to software.

Sabanci Speaking at the meeting Dx General practitioner Product Manager Emre Ergenç, Turkey remained low despite the rise due to the pandemic of digital conversion points compared to other countries, he said: "Advanced and we have a long way to go when compared with developing countries. Turkey Digital Transformation Index 2019 at 2.94, and 2020 is 3.06:XNUMX. Lack of R&D support, high tax rates, and expensive access to resources are obstacles to digitalization. There are many obstacles before Turkey but we have still to go this route. "We should definitely pave the way for local software," he said.

SabancıDx Channel Sales Manager Hamza Çobanoğlu talked about the development of Human Resources. Emphasizing that the period of working remotely has started with the pandemic, Çobanoğlu said, “This process, which is planned to be passed 5-10 years later, has suddenly entered our lives with the pandemic. HR has evolved into a new era. "We see that a good employee experience leads to a good customer experience."

SabancıDx Customer Experience Automation and Reporting Manager Caner Buyar also clarified the concept of Digital Workforce. Buyar explained the process by which robots enter our routine as digital assistants.


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